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The 20th Engineers have executed multiple deployments to Iraq. Click the year below to visit information on a particular deployment.

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20th Engineers Dedicate Iraq Memorial

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In late 2006, after having been relieved from the 1st Cavalry Division, reorganized, and assigned to the 36th Engineer Brigade, the 20th Engineers were again deployed to Iraq. In a strange twist of fate, the 20th found itself again conducting operations as part of the 1st Cavalry Division in the Baghdad region.

The two new mobility augmentation companies (59th and 572nd) stayed at Fort Hood, while the headquarters, forward support company, and 510th Engineer Company (Sapper) deployed. Once in Iraq the 642nd Engineer Support Company from Fort Drum and the 887th Engineer Support Company from Fort Campbell were added to the task organization of the 20th Engineers.

The 20th Engineers completed its mission and departed Iraq on November 1st, 2007.

The task organization of the 20th Engineers in Iraq 2006-2007:

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The 20th Engineers published a monthly newsletter to update others on activities in Iraq. Click on one of the issue dates to see a copy of "Lumberjack Ledger," published in Baghdad.

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Battalion Commander LTC James Raymer and CSM Murphy

Priv First Class Proctor and 3 Iraqi Army soldiers

Click on one of these pictures to see a news release on Sgt. Fred Suddeth, a dozer operator with the 887th Engineer Company, 20th Engineer Battalion

CPT Dave Hudson, Commander of the 887th Engineer Company

Soldiers of the 887th Engineer Company emplacing concrete slabs at a Joint Security Station

Soldiers of the 510th Engineer Company building "SEAHUT" buildings

A soldier of the 642d Engineers in a crater caused by an IED

Soldiers from the 642nd Engineer Company check each other's body armor before leaving Camp Liberty to search for roadside bombs in west Baghdad, Iraq Friday, Jan. 26, 2006. (AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

Pvt. Daniel Wexler, 22, from St. Louis, Mo. listens to instructions, as the 642nd Engineer Company prepares to search for roadside bombs in west Baghdad, Iraq Friday, Jan. 26, 2006. (Photo: AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

Army Pfc. Theodore Robuck, 25, from Clayton, Okla., scans the rooftops of a west Baghdad, Iraq neighborhood as the 642nd Engineer Company clears debris that could conceal roadside bombs Saturday, Jan. 27, 2007. (AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

(Left to right) Chief Warrant Officer Michael McGee, a native of Philadelphia, 1st Lt. Dan Lao from Wheaton, Ill., and Killeen, Texas native Spc. Robert McCune, all members of the 20th Engineer Battalion, wire trailers for electricity at Patrol Base Yusufiyah, Iraq Feb. 21. The engineer battalion is currently with the 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry). (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Angela McKinzie, 2nd BCT, 10th Mtn. Div. (LI) Public Affairs) (Feb 26, 2007)

The 20th Engineers case their colors as they prepare to return to the United States

The 20th Engineers detached the 642nd Engineer Company to return to Fort Drum, New York, and the 887th Engineer Company to return to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

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to include a video clip of their homecoming with their families

The 20th Engineer Battalion and its subordinate companies were awarded a Meritorious Unit Citation for the unit's performance during the deployment.

Visit the Memorial Page to honor those whose lives were lost from the 20th Engineers.


The 20th Engineers returned to Iraq in March 2004, this time as part of the 1st Cavalry Division, participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The battalion operated primarily in the Baghdad area. Combat operations included combined arms operations as part of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, and engineer-specific operations to rebuild and reconstruct Iraq.

A number of soldiers from the 20th Engineers have been killed in Iraq. See the
Memorial Page for more information. You may also view the memorial video for Sergeant Boatright, or the memorial video for Captain Pintor, Specialist Weger, and Specialist Moreno.

The challenge coin used by the Battalion Commander and Command Sergeant Major

A number of articles have been published on the 20th Engineers while they are deployed. These include an ambush on a battalion convoy on its first day in Iraq, a mission to repair a damaged bridge, a mission to improve living conditions in Sadr City, an article on efforts to control infectious diseases in Sadr City from the Christian Science Monitor, and a nice article on the reenlistment of a 20th Engineer soldier.

The battalion headquarters, the battalion commander and staff, and company commanders. Note that the battalion still proudly displays the red "wavy arrow" that has uniquely designated the 20th Engineers since the landings in North Africa in World War II.

The Commander of the 20th Engineers during the Iraq invasion was LTC L. Barrett Holmes. Click his picture to the right to read his interview with the Combat Studies Institute of the Army's Command and General Staff College.

The Commander of Headquarters Company speaks with his troops.

Click on this picture for a photo album of images from Company B during the Iraq deployment. Pictures were provided by Major Dave Woodruff, company commander at the time.

One of the platoon leaders of Company C purchased "award coins" to recognize excellence in his soldiers' performance. This coin was awarded to Private First Class Jenner.

The 20th Engineers re-deployed to Fort Hood in March 2005.