A note and some photos from Sergeant Ronnie Rutledge, 20th Engineers, 1968-1969

These photos are mostly of my time in Vietnam. I arrived in Pleiku at the end of September 1968 and I left the end of November 1969. Upon arriving I was assigned to HHC 20th Eng. Bat. (Cbt.) and made a mail clerk. After a few months I transferred to S2 filling the slot of Recon Sgt (although I only held the rank of Sgt. for my last month in service). My main duty was to be photographer for the 20th Bat. That enabled me to travel on a regular basis from Dak To, Kontum, Ben Het, to An Khe and Ban Me Thout. I apologize for the quality of some of the B&W photos as I was still learning processing and the working conditions, at times, left a lot to be desired. I hope everyone enjoys these photos.

Thanks for coming.

Ronnie Rutledge

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All photos are assumed to be the property of Ronnie Rutledge.