Officers and Men of
Company F, 2nd Battalion, 20th Engineer Regiment

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Names are listed below the photos.
Photos and information are courtesy of Linda Lee Allen,
see her note at the bottom of the page.

Commanding: Capt. John B. Rippere
1st Lt. W. K. Wood
2nd Lt. W. M. Boggs
2nd Lt. B. E. Booth
1st Sgt. R. C. "Boob" Holland
St. Sgt. Paul H. Lee
St. Sgt. George C. Rollins

Row One:
Sgt. E. L. Bishop
Sgt. E. Blankenship
Sgt. J. "Jimmy" A. Brewer
Sgt. W. W. Bruce
Sgt. W. H. Burroughs
Sgt. J. E. Hathcock
Sgt. C. R. McCullough
Sgt. H. D. Phillips
Sgt. C. "Charlie" E. Rigsby

Row Two: Sgt. J. C. Smith
Sgt. H. F. Stender (First Killed; Casablanca, North Africa invasion)
Sgt. W. H. Barwick
Sgt. C. D. Carter
Sgt. D. C. Holtzapple
Sgt. C. J. La Borde
Sgt. M. C. Miller
Sgt. J. J. Monday
Sgt. B. Mulkey

Row Three:
Cpl. D. L. Pruitt
Cpl. R. C. Stahlman
Cpl. E. L. Tanner
Cpl. W. W. Wigley
Cpl. S. J. Willoughby
P/C. B. F. Anderson
P/C. C. B. Aldridge
P/C. A. H. Ashworth
P/C. F. Barger
P/C. S. A. Bruce

Row Four:
P/C. H. Buck
P/C. C. E. Corrigan
P/C. R. R. Davis
P/C. T. M. Ellis
P/C. L. L. Fox
P/C. W. V. Henry
P/C. H. C. Hudson
P/C. J. W. Keel
P/C. E. E. McLaughlin, Jr.
P/C. C. F. McMichael

Row Five:
P/C. C. P. Outen
P/C. W. W. Stewart
P/C. L. Tanner
P/C. C. J. Unger
P/C. A. G. Wilder
P/C. A. Wilson
Pt. S. T. Bailey
Pt. E. Ballard
Pt. R. Barber
Pt. W. J. Bolt

Row Six:
Pt. U. E. Burnette
Pt. C. W. Clark
Pt. O. M. Dominy
Pt. S. Haynes
Pt. J. M. Morris
Pt. T. J. Peacock
Pt. W. C. Pletz
Pt. H. Rose
Pt. J. E. Semmes
Pt. H. E. Stephenson

Row Seven:
Pt. K. Taylor
Pt. L. M. Wooten
Pt. G. W. Worley
Pt. C. Ackerman
Pt. W. A. Alexander
Pt. G. L. Bagby
Pt. A. E. Benton
Pt. C. R. Blair
Pt. C. W. Blevins
Pt. H. R. Boyett

Panel 2, Row One:
Pt. I. Boykin
Pt. C. D. Brewer
Pt. J. H. Briley, Jr.
Pt. C. W. Brooks
Pt. B. B. Brown
Pt. C. W. Brown
Pt. H. Bullard
Pt. J. M. Bullin
Pt. J. H. Bullins
Pt. G. R. Byerly

Panel 2, Row Two:
Pt. C. W. Carr
Pt. F. A. Carrigan
Pt. N. J. Cercoply
Pt. J. R. Chestnolvick
Pt. G. H. Cling
Pt. E. L. Cline, Jr.
Pt. D. D. Coleman
Pt. M. A. Conlin
Pt. C. J. Cook
Pt. S. T. Cooper

Panel 2, Row Three:
Pt. W. H. Cooper
Pt. A. K. Cox
Pt. P. B. Crawford
Pt. R. Darby
Pt. E. W. Dennis
Pt. E. D. Disher
Pt. C. O. Dotson
Pt. F. H. Duckett
Pt. J. S. Dukes, Jr.
Pt. D. H. Edge

Panel 2, Row Four:
Pt. F. T. Edwards
Pt. L. S. Emert
Pt. W. E. Estep
Pt. J. R. Farrington
Pt. O. N. Fayssoux
Pt. C. W. Flowe
Pt. E. L. Floyd
Pt. J. H. Freeman
Pt. C. G. Fulmer, Jr.
Pt. H. L. Garvin

Panel 2, Row Five:
Pt. E. S. Gillispie
Pt. W. G. Goodnight
Pt. F. L. Gregas
Pt. J. R. Grimes
Pt. G. J. Hardwick
Pt. I. L. Hartman
Pt. O. T. Hassman
Pt. W. L. Hatcher
Pt. H. D. Hembree
Pt. J. F. Herman

Panel 2, Row Six:
Pt. R. L. Hicks
Pt. M. G. Hill
Pt. E. H. Holhauser
Pt. C. J. Howard
Pt. C. W. Jackson
Pt. H. Jenkins
Pt. A. J. Kemp
Pt. G. W. Kent
Pt. J. W. Keys
Pt. A. G. Koonts

Panel 2, Row Seven:
Pt. W. F. Little
Pt. T. E. Luke
Pt. L. B. Mackey
Pt. C. J. McKlveen
Pt. W. G. Marlow
Pt. J. C. Marteneau
Pt. H. L. Meadows
Pt. O. J. Mickle
Pt. C. N. Mokdus
Pt. B. Montieth

Panel 2, Row Eight:
Pt. A. M. Moseley
Pt. A. P. Nash
Pt. R. L. O'Berry
Pt. C. T. Packer
Pt. W. J. Percival
Pt. W. Perryman
Pt. J. R. Phillips
Pt. O. P. Pollard, Jr.
Pt. H. J. Poole Pt
Pt. H. D. Ready

Panel 2, Row Nine:
Pt. J. L. Reese
Pt. C. E. Robinson
Pt. T. R. Rufty
Pt. H. C. Rush
Pt. F. Sammons
Pt. C. W. Scott
Pt. B. W. Setzer
Pt. M. W. Skipper
Pt. A. L. Smith
Pt. G. L. Smith

Panel 2, Row Ten
Pt. J. K. Smith
Pt. W.L. Smith
Pt. H. W. Stillman
Pt. A. Talylor
Pt. L. Todd
Pt. P. A. Trimble
Pt. M. F. Vernon
Pt. H. G. West
Pt. C. D. Wilson
Pt. T. R. Wilson

This information and the images are courtesy of Linda Lee Allen, proud daughter of M/Sgt. Lee, U.S. Army, 08 Sept 1933 - 31 Oct 1960 (d. 13 Feb 1993), WW-II: Casablanca to Berlin and Mrs. Jessie Estelle Huddleton Lee (who saved it all!)

Linda writes:

"The day before the men left Fort Benning for deployment, Dad bid farewell to Mother, my older brother and I, atop Pine Mountain, Georgia just North of Columbus. We were in route to her parents home in northwest Georgia - for the duration. We children had climbed into child size platform rockers, set upright in the back seat of '38 or '39 beetle back Ford sedan. The panels were wrapped in country quilts and loaded just behind the back seat - in front of we two. Somewhere back in the cobwebs is a memory of Dad loading those panels while Mother stood back to watch and of being very strongly admonished to not kick the glass!!

"The men of Company F were aboard the Christobal and according to a 3rd Endorsement in Dad's records, command was transferred as follows:

"HQ & HQ Detachment, 1st Battalion, 20th Engineers at Sea, SS Christobal, November 11, 1942 To H & S Company, 20th Engineers, at Sea, SS Christobal Transferred your command per VTEO HQ 20th Engineers, November 11, 1942"

"His records contain addition endorsements for movement until his stateside return in September 1945. Happy to share as well if you wish. Anywho, Dad also wrote a letter about the Christobal journey, with limited detail, to then hometown newspaper which subsequently published it. Will forward transcript as soon as I can relocate. Getting the paper jungle into good order is goal of the summer. Please Lord!!

"The faces in the panels have been a part of my life for just at 71-years. Many were visitors to our home both before and after I was born. They are, to me, "...the men of my life." My greatest personal regret is that initials-only prohibits full identification however have noted nicknames for those few I knew personally."