Chappie - World War II Diary of a Combat Chaplain

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This fascinating diary of a WWII combat chaplain's eye-witness account of the major battles in North Africa and Europe, paints a rare, but vivid picture of the daily reality he and his fellow 20th Combat Engineers experienced during their three years of serving along the front line. As the unit fought their way across North Africa, Sicily, and Europe, this army chaplain kept a diary, making entries before battles, in the midst of battles, and afterwards, recording the joys, the humor, and the tragedies unfolding around him and his fellow engineers. Written at the time the events occurred, the author shared his observations, and expressed his opinions. This is Chappie's story, an account of how he saw the events as they occurred, not necessarily as historians may have later recorded them. Chappie's diary includes numerous details of the war that are not be found in any other book, and the inclusion of over eighty photographs adds to the story.

Midwest Book Review
July 2008 by Richard N. Larson: This awsome diary of Combat Chaplain Alton E. Carpenter, lovingly transcribed by his daughter A. Anne Eiland follows Chappie from the landing at November 8th 1942 in French Morocco in North Africa, through the landing at Sicily July 10th 1943 and finally the D-day landing on Omaha Beach in France, June 6th 1944. The Diary begins June 4th 1942, with Chaplain Carpenter's entry into the military and continues on to August 16th 1945 as he left Europe for home. This diary is very personal with opinions, not always in agreement with official reports. Chappie comments on George Patton, Dwight Eisenhower and a myriad of World War II personalities. This diary, along with Ms Eiland's additional biography of her father, cries out to be read. It is a fascinating daily account of World War II Africa and Europe, up front and personal, the way Chappie saw it, more than sixty years ago. The original 9X6 notebook-diary on which this book is based, is carefully preserved by his family. The many photographs were candid shots taken by Chappie and give the feel of the times. It seems like only yesterday. For all who have interest in World War II history, to those who like to read diaries, and anyone else who enjoys a good read, I recommend this book.

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